Thursday, August 23, 2012


Just returned from the best week of the year for me, vacation in the Adirondack Park, Old Forge/Eagle Bay/ Inlet area.   Beecreature and family, husband's parents and sister spent another wonderful wonderful week enjoying the mountains and lakes of this beautiful area.  Lucky breaks in the clouds gave us good weather for the pontoon boat days, it was hot enough to swim, and cool enough to go on hikes every day.  A little rain fell here and there, but not enough to ruin any plans for us.  My kids flitted in and out of the week, a few days here, an overnight there, never all at the same time unfortunately, but it was wonderful to have them come up and spend as much time as they could.  We spend a week here at the same time every August, and have been lucky to share this week for years with several other extremely likable families at the little compound, so we are never at a loss for   friendly competition at tennis, water skiing parties, or good company at the evening campfire.  The front porch view from my in-laws cabin was the perfect spot for my sister-in-law Maire and I to enjoy a glass of wine and plan our next day's hike.

No bear sightings this year, despite the problems the dry weather has been causing in the area with increased nuisance bear activity.   My favorite local resident is the loon, I can't get enough of their haunting calls or watching them from the boat as they patrol for fish.  They seem to know when I have the camera focused on them, and take the opportunity to dive and spoil my photo op.  I did manage to capture a few very long distance shots on a small lake of a pair with their chick.

One sight I never tire of is watching the abundance of small furry animals dashing around between the cabins.  Chipmunks and red squirrels are in constant attendance, and welcome the addition of trail mix to their winter stash.  I made three very close friends during the week, but I think they were just using me for my supply of cashews.

The chipmunk in the middle photo is the same little friend I made last year, he has a scar on his right hip that I recognized.  Good luck little guys!  I hope you stored enough trail mix to make through the Adirondack winter!  See you next August!


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